Hannah B. Farrell     -     b. 1995, Dallas TX      

photo credit: Jasmine Marie Photography

photo credit: Jasmine Marie Photography


I am a direct oil painter with a heavy, impasto style in an acidic color palette. My work is autobiographical, using imagery taken from my own social media to highlight the ways we curate our lives for the outside world. I consider my subject matter to be nested imagery, a multilayer representation of spaces used for comfort and waiting that display the remnants of trauma. My previous series, “Respite,” followed the narrative of a codependent relationship and the domestic setting as a stage for comfort and chaos. My ‘nested’ imagery serves as self reflection and sentimentalism.

I apply paint with immediacy, using palette knives on primarily wood panel. There are clear indications of the process behind my compositions, visible through my confident and finite mark-making. This candid modality underscores the honesty of my subject matter. The square format references Instagram’s curated glimpses, while the bluntly described forms are messy and flawed. This dichotomy poses questions of what a space of comfort provides and how it is disrupted when you let others in. 

My ‘Respite’ series was created at a time where I was reluctant to open up about my partners addiction. I didn’t want to speak about someone else’s problem or exploit their issues for the sake of credibility or relevancy. I used painting as a way to communicate what I was experiencing while voiding out specificity. As I’ve become more aware and involved in this issue, I’ve felt more comfortable speaking out and advocating for others whose partners and loved ones are struggling with substance abuse. This was the beginning and long running theme of my “Respite” series. As I transition into my ‘Nested’ imagery, I am focusing on myself and the objects I choose to keep that represent certain parts of my history. 


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